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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

For a jack-shaft keyway where the collars I use to keep the shaft bearings (think called pillow bearings) in place, I found the collars do not use a key for the keyway, they just have the threads of the set-screw go into the keyway and does not do it any good as far as keeping the jack-shaft key-way in good shape.

Maybe someone says to just put the set-screw on the round surface of the jack-shaft, but I wanted to make sure it holds even though it is only for sideways stress on the jack-shaft. Later when it is all working good, I would use blue thread lock and prep before with activator to help it really hold. Stainless steel is not used here, but it can be used to prep the more active metals like these alloy parts too.

Anyway I really did not want to ruin the keyway slot along the length for future removal of pulleys and gears on this new jack-shaft. I made the end of the threads with a long enough set screw for each collar ground down small. This allowed the rounded, sort of large center punch tip to the set screws that they fit in the keyway and do not mash up it up.

I misplaced a jack-shaft that I was going to use, but for $32 got another kit, but was well aware I did not want to have to sand down and keep cleaning the keyway as adjustments become necessary.

For the job, see the vice holds a wing-nut that I screw the set screw into. The end of the set screw I want to grind with a Dremel cutoff wheel, I leave sticking out. The other end of it with the hex allen-wrench drive is facing down protected.

Note that I put a section of keyway material, but could be any metal underneath where the hex allen-wrench drive is to stop it from spinning and coming through when the grinder wheel is trying to spin it.

Be careful that you only use the grinder wheel in the direction that will try to make the set screw go down into to wing-nut clamped in the vise, otherwise it will not grind but shoot out the top fling far away for you to look for!!!

Check the grinder wheel direction and the thread direction of the set screw to be modified in the wing-nut clamped in the vise!!!

Note the picture with the wing nut is before I tightened down the vise jaws on the wing-nut wings.

There is also a picture of a crummy drill an tap of a collar I bought, see it is not drilled perfect and would really mash the keyway whether I did the mod on the set-screw or not. I know now if not a prepackage item to look first before buying when in the store. Lesson be learned.

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