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Default Re: MTB handlebars on a cruiser?

the apehangers would look good if I had a smaller front wheel with longer forks, raked out a little. But, I can't weld yet. (Hopefully I'll be learning soon. There's a Tech Spot coming to my's like a gym, with equipment & classes for members....but it's a garage!)

The Flying Fart looks pretty good right now. (I'll have to put new pics up.) But every now & then I bang my knee on the handlebars. If I raise the bars any, it ain't gonna look as cool. I'm not sure which is more important.

Besides the cruisers & the ape hangers, I've got about 4 mt. bikes & a Free Spirit Greenbriar (3 speed) I can use for parts. Plus a set of....weird handlebars that I can't really describe. The guy that helped me build the FF gave em to me. They kinda look like board tracker bars, if you turn em upside down. I'm not sure I'm ready to lean my face that far into my bike though....I've already got an unfortunate tendency to land on my mouth in bike accidents.

I was mainly asking for pics 'cause I've been trying on different setups & I got tired of messing with the cables before I tried on the mt. bike bars. Speaking of cables, don't they sell spools of uncut brake cable, rustycase?

That's a nice-looking bike, motorbikermark.
I'll post some updated pics along with a shot of the weird handlebars soon.
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