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Originally Posted by dan1150 View Post
OK, here's what I got, DYNO Roadster, It's bright, bright red. I like the color. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I was cleaning my garage, I know big mistake. Anyway I found a dead fire extinguisher,darned if it doesn't match the bike, to my eye anyway. Than it dawned on me if I could make the extinguisher or two maybe work as a gastank and some custom ladders made into a rear rack, siren, lights, Am I missing anything. I know it's Newyears eve and ihad a few beers, but my head is spinning with ideas not alchohol, Any suggestions or tips let me know, THANKS.
mount a small firemans axe , would probably work best if made of wood or plastic just thinking of the weight factor an a first aid kit made from an ammo box .
this is a super sweet idea. you got me thinking now police theme say something from the 1900's ?
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