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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The weather warmed up yesterday enough for my speedo to work. I hit 27mph when I lost compression. Pulled over, looked spark plug had popped all the way out. It was just hanging by the boot. That explains why I lose power whenever I hit my top end. I've been tightening the plug before every ride, & had no idea a little backing out would cause that kind of pressure loss.

SO I put some thread sealant on it today & took it out for a test. Sure enough, that fixed it. I can run it WOT all day with no power loss now, as long as the wheel doesn't kick sideways & run into the bike frame.
Which it did. Peeled the paint right off.

Looks like I'm gonna end up buying a half-link chain for the pedal side. Probably just get a half-link for the drive side just in case. These things are a pain to even out.
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