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Default New Build

I'm new to these motors but have been messing with this kind of stuff all my life. So I got this for Christmas (Skyhawk 66)and I've got a nice beach cruiser to put it on. Only took a couple of hours now I'm stuck on the fine tuning. First of all this thing sounds really clanky inside. Could there be something loose banging around in there? Do these motors normally sound like that until they are broken in real good? Could it use any oil or lube to help quiet it down? I have some flex seal ( as seen on tv) I was thinking of putting on it, but of course I would do a test spot first. Second I can get the engine to work good but I have to adjust the choke once I get going and also at slow speeds. I am at sea level. Where should my c-clip be in the carb?
As I figure out how to get around in here I would love some feedback.
Thanks Donegood
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