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Default Re: Untimely greetings

Guys, thanks.

BG Joe, you and I will have to have a conversation one of these days. I'm working on my ppl, and have had a long love of homebuilts. That plane of yours is awesome!


Speaking of making it better...I was out today for a bit more of a ride. Boy, the thing feels rickety at certain speeds, and especially when I back off the throttle. Looks like I have about two inches of play in my engine's chain, though I tightened that up...or so I thought.

Maybe lockwashers, as well as locktite!

Link to my bike:

Image of Spooky Dresser - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Image of Spooky in Profile - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tell me, please, it's a normal sensation.

I've gotta tell ya, though, that it just hums along at 25mph with that spooky 36 tooth sprocket on there!


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