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Default Re: What bike to get?

Originally Posted by Motorbikermark View Post
Thanks Felt it is! NOW i just need the $. The disc isn't much of an issue since I'm a avid mountain biker and I probably have 3 or 4 pairs of disc brakes laying around at any given time, as is the same for wheels. I may have to spend a little dough on the welding on some brake mounts, But thats minimal after you spend $500 on the bike and a good $400 on the motor kit. Might take up someone on the offer to buy the current ride in favor of buying a new one, but its so hard to say good bye to these things!

God Speed, Mark
Most Felts come with 50mm wide front and rear wheels. You'll need a "high-flange disc hub" to be laced up to the felt rims and spokes; or you can just use the Mt. bike wheel if you don't care about the wheels matching. Also, take into consideration that Felts have a 1 1/8'' steerer stem, so you can swap out the forks if you wanted to. The Felt 1903 has a springer front end so to run a disc you'll need this Springer disc-brake adapter, that way you don't have to weld. Hope this little bit of info helps .
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