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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

tried to center the chain and true the sprocket due to a chain rubbing sound.

took it for a spin, and the same thing happened that occurred last ride. a loud chain vibration. what i noticed this time was that the engine was cutting out and bogging and when the noise stopped and i slowed down a little, there was no vibration and the motor was pulling fine.

when i got back i noticed one of the exhaust nuts were loose. so i was tightening it and notice a bigger problem. the stud stripped right out. so now im gonna upgrade the studs and nuts to the kit on SBP.

i dont know if this was cause by the vibration, or if this was why it was cutting out and vibrating. the only ime this happens is when i reach near top speed. and it just started happening the previous time i took it for a ride.

any ideas?
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