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I have had my motor bike for about 3 years now, I bought a kit from Kings Motor Bikes along with 2 of my buddies. I mounted the engine on a Walmart special bike to get me going, and after a few adjustments I was running smoothly... Well, maybe not quite so smoothly, because that bike was so cheap, when I would have the engine running at full throttle it would vibrate so much that I had to pucker up to be able to sit on the seat. It ran pretty good for 2 years, I was an occasional user, but then I busted up my elbow on my mountain bike when I was being stupid, and had to go through surgery and rehab, so it has been over a year since I have had it started last, so I am trying to get it started. I have figured out that my clutch is pretty greasy, and I just need to clean it good before I can get it running again. It is nice to have a forum like this to let me know that I am not alone in my adventures. I am also pretty excited, because today I am picking up a motorcycle so I can fix it up and ride to and from work, just another fun project.
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