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Default Re: New vs Old! Vintage or High Tech.

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
I with you on this concept. When I was a kid everything we had was well used/beat up. Our thing back then was to make it look as new as possible. The guy that could do it the best was given great respect. So all my life I have restored every thing. In the right circles the respect is still there. However the gen public hasnt a clue what they are looking at for the most part, unless it is somehow maybe out of place. I still find it hard to go the opposite direction from 100%, but love the examples that are well done. I have begun to experiment a bit with "patina". It is literally an art, you either have it/see it or you dont. I have friends that build scale warbird R/C aircraft. They spend hours making them perfect then "weather" them with effects that look like dents, bare metal, oil stains etc. It takes a true master to make it look right. I took a new cheapy analog speedo as my first project and learned a lot about making it look old. Im hooked now. Maybe some of the masters at this could post here. Heres a link to pic of a bike I would love to have. Its a fairly late model Sportster. ONE BRAND NEW SATIN FRONT BRAKE ROTOR Bobber Chopper Harley Rat Bike | eBay

Love that bike on ebay...I have built some lookers but alway fall back to the bare metal, rust and the vintage look. One of my fav bikes is the Dyno I built and just clear coated the frame. The tank has all the weld marks left as is...

The bike I just finished gets more looks than any other bike I have built, its raw and vintage with some modern touches... that look never gets old...
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