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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by breno View Post
Decided to get rid of the china spark plug lead and replace it with some welding lead + replace the boot and spark plug + a new CDI.

I didnt realise how small of gauge the standard spark plug lead was, glad its gone now.

Cut the white wire off the magneto and sanded off the laminate at the points where the mag is fitted/fixed to the bottom end for a better earth.
Soldered the cables up and went for a spin.

More then likely the placebo effect getting the better of me but it seems alot smoother throughout the rev range, so it was worth doing it IMO.
That is a sweet expansion chamber. What is it off of?
that effin moon kid

LabRat that golden pos ya got with the homescooled monarks

coated pistons
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