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Default Re: New vs Old! Vintage or High Tech.

I have two builds, which I love because if one goes down, I can take my time fixing it and ride the other. Both are set up to roll with 27" and 700C big wheels with narrow tires- both of them I built as lightweight as possible- to be able to get up to my 2nd story apartment and to less strain the motor and ease the working on. So they have nice alloy parts.

I don't plan on any others- these are dialed in now and I only want to do what repairs are needed now.

But if i had to do it again- I'd probably build one really nice fast state-of the art to get me where I want- my 66 build can keep up with traffic if I want on most surface streets- at nearly their speed otherwise, I'm not in their way much. And getting the bike out the door and around town is as fast as in the car for most trips I make- I hit the ground rolling, and roll it right up to the door of where I'm going- no looking for a parking spot- if traffic is backed up, I'm just going around it.-

but I'd build the other as a "junker" to keep outside- basic cruiser frame and wheels- set up with LARGE baskets front and rear-for lots of groceries and other stuff. This building has no outside shelter at all so it would just have a plastic covering- (best one- Wal-Mart lawn tractor cover- VERY large and sturdy, and sells for only about ten bucks- not always in the outdoor section, but usually in the spring- got one on the scooter outside, I seldom ride). I'd still probably make sure I at least had a bilet intake and 66 speed carb, and alloy rims- and perpendicular running bars and grips- but no other frills otherwise. I wouldn't have to worry so much about it, or haul one up and down the stairs every day.

This one now also has a 3 piece alloy pedal crank as well as the motor crank

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