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Default New vs Old! Vintage or High Tech.

Ive got a theory about speed with these things.....If I build something that looks modern and new then as far as any driver on the road is considered I'm just some dang fool on a bicycle with a motor on it tying up traffic, And it won't matter how fast it goes because motorist now days are too caught up in where they have to be and that you are keeping them from that! However if you build something that looks vintage enough then you can spur their curiosity, now they slow down for you. Also people don't expect it to be fast because as you know nothing went fast till well into the 60's, and if you take it to town its a conversation piece and people are interested. I built a brand new 2011 Huffy Nel Lusso all shiny and new, and people asked about it and I was really enjoying it, But everyone kept asking if I built it or bought it like that? So I took it wet sanded it with 1000 grit, put a couple small dents in the fenders, added a few thin layers of flat black, machine finish bronze and a speck of red primer over the whole bike heavier on the chrome. And added some thin spray can stenciling, And wet sanded it again paying extra attention to areas where it would receive the most wear. I must say at this point my wife was very skeptical and thought I had lost my mind! Why would you spend all that time building that thing just to beat the crap out of it scratch it up and make it look like its a hundred years old!!!! All I could say is "thank you honey that was the best thing you could have said". Then I was outside putting the finishing touches on it when some old timer walked by and says "Well thats an old one...Does it run?" needless to say I'm very happy with the finished product. I must admit I feel a sense of accomplishment everytime someone ask "What years that thing?" Best thing now is I can ride it and not worry about it getting scratched up or dented, Because the more that happens to it the more it adds to the authenticity of the bike. Whatever you ride enjoy it and don't let anyone take your joy out of it!

God Speed, Mark
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