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Talking Re: analog speedo?

Had the bike out today with the cheapie anolog I got a couple of months back- found it shipped for about $15 if you look around on the net-
Seems to be working fine- I was surprised at how lightweight-

Not sure how accurate- they say the same size for 26 and 27"- don't see how that's possible. I have 27" wheels and I suspect it's really designed more for 26- roughly 4 percent difference based on size- but at 25 mph that would be only about a mile per hour- I really think it may be reading just a tad slower than my actual speed-

I get it straight verticle- 25 mph with no trouble at all- I'm at a good cruise at 30- and the motor is still a bit quiet even without nearly being opened up- I may take the wiffle basket off some day and wind it out- 32 rear sprock and 415 trike- really purrs.

can barely see it in the third picture of the bike in "pictures" thread
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