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Originally Posted by Doctor Johnson View Post
Hi, names David. i'm new to this so here go's...i'm originally from South Africa but now live in Shanghai China.I've been riding an electric chopper with huge Ape bars for 2 years now.I get around 30kph while trying my best not to get hit by a billion or so people...haha.
What i wanted to ask was what the regulations are regarding motorized bicycles in South Africa? I've tried contacting the government,but ah,cough cough,hit a brick wall with that one.I'm heading back to South Africa soon with some mad ideas but skeptical of being stopped by the cops all day long saying "ah like what are the **** are you finkin driving like vat ving so fast...?"

P.S. I'll try upload pics of my bike...shortly..sometime..
hi! i love Shanghai, have been there a couple of times... completely fell in love with China, such a beautiful place!

i have tried and tried to find out about legislation wrt to these kits - nothing. i cannot find any concrete info - so i have taken it to i'll find out when we get there stage. i'm loving this bike (have only had it running for about a week now) but it is TONS of fun and with all the hills in durban is has made cycling possible for me here.

shanghai is so flat must be loads of fun with one of those electric jobs!

looking forward to seeing your pics!
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