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Default Re: just a quickie , an maybe I am nuts

Originally Posted by thegnu View Post
In my research , the engine could explode if the following condition exists , any open port an too much unburned fuel in the exhaust gasses, personally that turned the idea sour for me , but , a faux dual exhaust one for the motor an one for "fun" smoke or fire . I still havent had time to build the system "old school style " small scale on my work bench an I am preety sure that in the case of fire it wont work with out the back pressure from the motor . now . on the other hand as YRR found ,smoke, could be fun an significantly safer , c'mon , heres the scene start the smoke an just rev the motor a lil how many folks would be fooled into thinking you were smoldering your tire off the rim an just idle out of a small cloud ? = harmless fun .
There is a great pic of Bike Guy Joe with photoshopped smoke bellowing as he starts off the line. I can't find the "still" but it is at 127 on the vid in my signature.

LOL Gnu, now ya got me really wanting to build some thing like that.
worst apocalypse ever
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