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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Gud deal 57.

I'm scouting for interesting tin canned foods, too.
Tuna cans are the most promising, but I've also ate some smoked oysters, and some mexican sardines that have a great oval shape. It's just kida too big for the space available, though!

...Actually, should be able to do some interesting things with a beer can and draw some entertaining attention! lol
They can be easily cut with a box cutter or scissors. I use 'em for shim stock regularly.

...but u should ignore me... I'm a real nutcase! I keep seeds from the garden and little stones for my lapidary stuff in vegetable cans I take a fancy to because I like the particular piece of commercial artwork on the label. lol
Last one I discovered was some tomato sauce by El Pato brand... It means 'duck' in Spanish, and has a kool picture of a duck on the label.
Got squash seeds stored in it. ...cheep entertainment! lol

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