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Default Re: Unspoken rules?

.........nice thought everyone........
The only rope burn that came to mind, was of one falling off the wire and getting their knees snatched out from under them as they went by......being the other parts got the quick and untimely stagering twang....OUCH.....that would really hurt!

I know here in my state, UT, if it has a motor, and we have rules on 98cc or less equiped rides, it still requires the proper credentials to even ride it on the street. Peddles or not. They past this rule back when the pocket bikes were the rage some 4 years ago. ANY type of motorization on two wheels requires all the same requirements as a full sized motorcycle.
So all you riders need to really study up in your states about what is actually allowed, and riders be aware of the possibility to getting a citation.
I once recieved a citation on my bicycle some 30 years ago, it was for passing cars on the wrong side of the road, and for speeding as well. It cost me $150.00, 15 hours of community services, and my auto insurence went up.
Now that really sucked back then.

Pull the peddles, that crank space is a good location for a jack shaft anyways.

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