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Default Re: PICS and VID of my CRUISER after rebuild and mods

Originally Posted by kevinkrg6 View Post
What kind of lights are they? And how did you wire them?

Also, where did you get that seatpost?
These are the headlights Motorized BIKE GAS ENGINE parts - LED Head Light black | eBay

I opened the lights up and re-soldered all the connections to make them extra strong. I also replaced the toggle switch to something a little more sturdy. Both lights are wired to the white wire. A lot of differing opinions about wiring headlights...but the white wire works for me and it doesn't seem to effect performance.

The seat post is actually stock. I just drilled a new hole on the seat mount so that I could push the bolt forward...which allows the seat to sit back farther. Along with doing that I cut down the post on the frame that the seat post fits into. It was about 2 inches long and I cut it down to about 3/4in, just enough for the seat post clamp to hold onto it.
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