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Default Re: Fastener materials and grades

A/N Hardware is Airforce/Navy s

here is a link: Aircraft Hardware - What You Need to Know

And yes it's amazing how much of the available hardware is made in China.

Pipe fittings, fasteners of all kinds, you name it.

I only use holochrome brand grade 8's in the shop. They are expensive compared to the foreign fasteners from the local supply, but I know what I'm getting.

I'm sure that foreign hardware varies in quality...the stuff I get locally appears to be good quality and I haven't had any problems.

The allens that I provide with my clutch actuator kit are undoubtedly foreign made.

I just prefer allens...we supply a 5mm wrench with the clutch actuator kit so that everything will be there i.e. (Our customers do not have to go out and buy a wrench to install our kit).

For this application it simply doesn't matter if the bolts have not been properly heat treated.

I'm no hardware expert...I just know what works for me.

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