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Default Re: Second Build, vibrating?

Originally Posted by Cavi Mike View Post
Down for leaner. Did you put an O-ring in between the carb and intake first? If you don't, you'll lose all low-end power once you move that needle.
You move the clip down to richen the mix and up to lean it. Start with the clip on the second notch from the top and work from there. Check your spark plug coloration to determine which way to go. Dark plug= rich, a light color means too lean.
You didn't say what fuel/oil ratio you're running. It should be a 24:1 mix for break-in and after a couple of gallons go down on oil to a 32:1 mix. Gap your plug at .024 to .030.

As for vibrations, make sure your engine is mounted solid to the frame, both front and rear. Any slop in the engine mounts will increase the vibrations you feel. They all vibrate to some extent; some more than others.

I also agree with the tensioner issue. You should not put pressure on the top run of the chain. It should be on the bottom side. Also you'll want to secure those wires a little better to protect the connections instead of letting them hang loose.

Good luck.
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