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Default Re: BMX-90cc-four speed-trail bike

Originally Posted by klb6154 View Post
Freakin awsome dude! That thing makes me want to rethink my next prodgect. How did you get it titled?
There are many ways.... Some more technically legal than others.
If you have an old junked 50cc scooter or moped (the more strange brand the better) with a title, put its VIN# on your bike.... DESTROY the frame of the moped with the original VIN#. Before anybody starts waging their finger.... This isn't legal but in my opinion it is moral. Quite a few chopper builders do this and cops look the other way or have no way or want to prove otherwise unless you are being a prick to them. EXAMPLE... Tuner cars and pro street cars... Do they resemble or perform as they were stock? They still use the same original title. Some cars the only original item IS the VIN tag on the dashboard.
Make it comply with your state laws using a 50cc motor. Bring in all of your receipts for all the parts you put into it and then go to your local DMV. All states are different so.... Maybe contact them first and ask what they will require.
After you have your title in hand, put in whatever engine you want in it. Again not legal but moral. In my opinion anything smaller than a 70cc motor in city driving is dangerous unless you are in a bike lane.

If you do the first method... do not sell this bike to anyone with the title because it never existed. Get my drift.


State and federal laws are stupid. IMHO people who save gas and road space should be better treated and encouraged to be creative.

Off topic. I have a Chinese built Honda Z50 copy and the title on the bottom says "Motorized Bicycle". It never has had pedals.... I have a 138cc pit bike engine in it now. Ive been pulled over on it (speeding/wheelie) The cop was laughing while stepping out of his cruizer. Got a warning. He never asked if that was the original 50cc motor. Thats my "pro street" motorized bicycle.
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