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Default Re: Old, rare barnfinds??

Both bikes are nice finds. If I were going to motorize one it would be the Colson. Being a girl's bike it is less valuable. If the frame were modified so that the upper down tube was removed and you welded in new crossbars above you'd have a lot of room for an engine and a nice in frame gas tank above it. You already have a rear drop stand, cool fenders and a wonderful head badge. The seat can pretty easily be brought back to life and is a classic. You have the 7 seat post, too. It would still be a 1930's Colson whatever you do to it. That would be my choice anyway. Few people cry foul at altering a girl's bike and fewer yet would take the time and money to restore one to original. I can see this build with your Predator engine and the variable speed transmission... belt drive with a sheave on the rear wheel. What you'd end up with is a very cool motorbike...
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