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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

took it for a ride today and as i reached top speed it felt like i was going a lot faster than usual (it was a little chilly around 40 degrees)

as i reached that speed, immediately it sounded like the chain making a loud noise. it wasn't a grinding noise or rubbing, but it was vibrating pretty bad and made an amplified noise like knobby tires would on the pavement.

it drowned out the sound of the motor and when i let off of throttle, i could faintly hear the motor. and it sounded like it was bogging but wasn't stalling out or anything, then as i coasted another few seconds, i could then hear the pinging of it as it slowed down.

i don't know what this could be, and its hard to explain. i could of probably went even faster it felt, but i let off cause i did want feel like meeting the road today :]
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