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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The last couple of days I've replaced the back tire and tube, and fitted up some new lights so that I might be able to see where I'm going.

On the way home from work Monday, once again it blew out with a sharp 'bang'. No idea what I caught this time, there was no sign of it. The tire itself doesn't look bad, but the tube was blown (lots of random width pie wedges in a circle - nothing the self sealing tube could do about it but ooze, which it did, spreading blue slime everywhere). The new tire is kevlar lined, and I after reading about it here somewhere I lined it with an old tube (double thick between the tube and tire) between the new tire and new tube in hopes that I might not have as many large punctures. I'm using a self-sealing tube again, they seem to catch the small stuff pretty well despite the mess when they get ripped or blow badly.

I'm going to have to replace my muffler, the stem inside the pipe starting at the top of the catalytic converter is now on the workbench; the metal looks like it cracked and broke off. So right now it's got a pipe from motor to larger pipe, and capped. It runs, but it's a little louder than I'd like. For now it might wake the neighbours, but I'm long gone by the time they're looking for the noise.

This time of year the sun rises after I'm at work, and sets before I leave. The lights I had before were good for being seen, but useless if the street lights are out. There are a couple of places on my commute where that's always the case; one gets a build up of slimy wet leaves in a pitch black curve, the other is a downhill run with a curve at the bottom. Not seeing anything good in a bike light that actually throws light (and I've been checking everywhere I've gone for two months) I found an 'inspection light' water resistant flashlight by Energizer. Single LED, burns a pair of AAA batteries for around 20 hours (total) if I recall correctly, around $15 each (not out of line for a bike light price). The packaging claims it throws a beam as far as 76m (almost 250'), so a pair of them are now cable tied to the front basket on the beast.

In the pics, first is the packaging for the light, followed by a side and a top down view of where and how I put them on for now. Turned the garage light off for the fourth one. I'm standing about 8 feet in front, and same spot crouching down for the fifth shot. I tried to aim the lights down, but it will take some tweaking to get the angles where I want them so they shine to around double my minimum stopping distance for one and the space between the bike and there for the other.
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