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Default Re: coastal rust prevention

You work on a ship so you may already have the answer right under your feet!! Ever wonder how the folks stop the steel ships from corroding INSIDE?? Yup, they use Zinc plates bolted to the hull, otherwise known as "anodes". The short version(long version available on request) is the most reactive material will corrode instead of the mother material. Put 2 pennies next to each battery terminal on your automotive battery, you will notice the pennies corrode but NOT the lead terminals(my 2 cents worth)LOL But really, try the anodic corrosion protection theory, I suspect many of the paint products mentioned contain Zinc or Zinc chromate, basically a sacrificial coating. Heck, I bet if you tape a few pieces covertly on your bike it may work too. I realize probably not and attractive solution, I KNOW it will work, it's up to ypu to apply the science!!

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