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Default Re: very new to this motorbike thing with a few questions

Regarding that hill- in Tonasket, there is 4rth street going from main uphill to the high school. We live in a ravine that is called a valley- you go either direction perpendicular to the river and soon you are going uphill. Unavoidable. The aforementioned 4rth street is right on par with the best San Fransisco has to offer for 6 blocks. My rig is a monospeed Cranbrook with a 48cc motor. I am 57 years of age with a heart attack 4 years ago on the 23rd of this month, weighing in at 200 pounds.
I can make it to the top without stalling.
Wasn't the case at first... it became a challenge to me. Took me a while to master it, but persistance paid off... leaving me to look like a rather STUDLY senior citizen! My wife was born the same year I got my first FFL, 1975- I had just turned 21 that year. Oh Yea, Mama Likes!!!! Mama Likes her washboard!!! You're concerned about weight? It ain't the calories you put in, it's the calories you do or don't put out! This bike is your ticket to a new body- make good use of it! Trust the Old Sgt. on this one or I'll come over there and drop you for pushups!
Gregory F. (the Old Sgt.) Howard
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