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Default Re: 2 bike stolen in san diego

Originally Posted by cory151 View Post
Bro that really sucks there is no worse feeling. I know both of those bike well and if I see the piece of **** that stole those I plan on making his pain legendary. After having my truck stolen this year I have been fantasizing about catching somebody stealing anything of mine.

On a lighter note i guess you'll be upgrading from the China/CNS nightmare of a rolling repair expo sooner than you planned. If you need help with the build or some welding done, dont hesitate to ask.
,,,,,,, Man I hope you can recover your bikes! that same thing happened to me , two locks cut from a iron post and never saw my bikes again! it promted me to put up a 6 ft, wooden fence all around the house but that really isn't a good idea either cus once they get in behind the fence nobody can see them!!! .....good luck
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