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Default Which Motor, Dealer?

I have purchased a new bike and have completely disassembled it for paint, precision tuning and choice part fitment all with a motor in mind. I have not yet purchased a motor and I'm having trouble sifting through the vast array of dealer claims. All of these motors have the same cases as far as I can tell from pics. Some claim to have Japenese bearings, small end roller bearings or needle bearings. I would think that they all have roller bearings @ the big end and the premiums have needle bearings @ the small end instead of a bronze bushing. What are the other differences? Some claim EPA compliance others don't. Is this important? Why? Above 49cc, actual displacement seems ambiguous. They range in price from $49.95 (the cheapest and self professed non premium), and "premium motors" range from $150-$350. I am willing to pay more for quality but it seems I'm not getting all the info I need to be able to make an educated decision. From the info on the websites that I've seen the $150 motor is the same as the $350 one. I know that these are inexpensive chinese motors and even the most expensive one is reletively inexpensive but who wants to pay $350 when they can spend $150 for the same thing. Please Help! Dealers Welcome! P.S. I'm aware that in text it can be easy to insult without intending to do so. I don't want to insult anyone, I just wish to have all the same info I would if I were buying a Honda, a Ford a BMW etc, etc. Thanks!
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