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Default Untimely greetings

Greetings to the group.

I know I should have introduced myself before I posted elsewhere, but wanted to get my bike up and running first.

So, I have finally done so. My spookytooth is all together and running. I did have to peddle the bastichi almost around the block to get it going, but then, bam, it sparked up and away she went. What a riot.

Not wanting to become quickly qualified, like so many others, to comment on what it's like to break down 10 miles form home with no tools, I resisted the temptation to actually go anywhere. Just around the block a few times. Heheheh. I think I startled some kid on his bike when I motored past.

I look forward to putting some commuter miles on this puppy before the snow flies in October. I've already learned a good bit from reading here, and expect I'll continue to learn a thing or three from you lot.

Happy riding from Calgary,

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