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Default Re: Stepson gets a Cranbrick for Christmas

I just got done putting together a 2011 Nel Lusso. I've got to admit that my original thoughts on motorizing a Huffy was "Not on Your Life" but after comparing it to other bikes some much more expensive I knew I had found my new ride! Though I'm new to Motorbiking I've been building bikes as long as I can remember, I have recently (4years ago) founded a local mountain biking group that now has over a 100 members including some pro's. The Huffy's welds are top notch, The wheels are heavy gauge, I disassembled the rear hub before ever mounting the sprocket, and was very pleased at what I found. Actually reminded me of an old Morrow hub. The rack that is integrated in to the frame eliminates alot of irritation that comes with cheap bolt ons. I did move the fender braces over the fenders that should keep the supports from closing in on the tires. I normally wouldn't suggest doing so as it tend to move the fenders about a 1/4" closer to the tire, But Huffy put 2.35 on this bike with wide rims making it close to impossible to achieve a good chain line with out going to a much narrower tire (1.95 rear 2.10 front) Keep some grease in the rear hub, check your bolts before every ride, And don't kick the front fender while turning corners, and you should have a great riding bike! I refer to mine as a "Huffman Flyer" to avoid any haters. Wow flashback moment just remembered one of my first bikes I built was a Huffy Thunder road that I turned in to a mini-klunker My older brother had gotten a 80's Schwinn so I built one my size. Anyway hope your boys enjoy their rides.
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