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Originally Posted by mesmith View Post
Pirate Cycles has them for $15.00
the pic's fuzzy, but isn't that the one everybody sells that says SPORTS at the bottom & has a racing flag on it?

I got an analog speedo (different brand/model) & it just won't work on a motorbike from what I can tell. The odometer works because it's a direct gear-driven connection. But the speedometer part has this really sensitive wheel balancing on the needle's hub, & it's hooked up to a spring. From what I can tell, the cg puts out such strong vibrations that this delicate little mechanism is hopelessly overpowered. The vibration frequencies can do some weird things, like make the needle run inverse to your speed... it shows you slowing down as you speed up.

I could be wrong,, but that's what it looks like. Maybe I've just got a crappy speedo, or mine's broken, or I'm riding though some Bermuda Triangle-type zone. But I have read complaints from other cg riders saying that the most common retro speedos are just no good.
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