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Default Re: Stepson gets a Cranbrick for Christmas

Had I built my first motorized bicycle on a 2009 Huffy Cranbrook, I would doubtless have a similar attitude. There is a quantum difference between the two years in quality controll. I have also read several commentaries about how ANY ragmount tends to make the spokes 'saw' through each other... and the way that the sprocket rides on the spoke heads of a cranny makes them particularly suseptable to damage. I saw the issue when I first built mine in 2010 and spent the 2010-2011 Winter developing my sprocket mount. Three prototypes and 20 production units later, I have the system perfected.
I notice that sportsman bikes is putting out a three-piece unit.. no idea how long they've had it out, but I know my design was independant of theirs... mine boasts twice as much purchase area once it is locked down and is VERY friendly towards the Cranny. The next batch is going to see further developement in hardware, mostly because the bolts that come with the ragmount (which I designed the system to use) are slightly harder than pewter- I am thinking of converting to 1/4" coarse thread and include the bolts with the kit. The sprocket is hard enough to burn my tooling steel on my lath should I get sloppy enlarging the hole, so I would recomend it's use assuming the 44 tooth does what you need.
Understand, I did quite a bit of homework before I bought the Cranny. Almost got the Schwinn... loved the extra 4" of wheelbase and I'm something of a sucker for the retro backrack on the DelMar... but ultimatly I was sold on the 12gauge spokes and fond memories of the Huffy of the 1960's (Yea, I am that old). Had I read and belived all the anti-huffy slant that this site and the other had put out regarding the bike, I would not have bought it. As it was, once I had it running I THEN made contact with these two groups. Reading the scary stories in both groups had me confused, because what they described did not fit my experiance. The fender gaff (where somebody took a bad header when the fender wrapped up on the front wheel) was my first clue- I read about ONE tab holding the front fender to the forks where I saw TWO on mine, rather poor welding where I saw excellent welds, flimsey spokes where I saw heavy rascals... it goes on. Then I saw a 2009 model- IT WAS A DEATHTRAP!!! 2010 is where the Chinese made a major jump up the learning curve- the 2011 is even better... and to top it off, with black fenders and chainguard, it will match perfectly to the HT kit. I think somebody gave feedback to Huffy regarding cheap, Chinese engine kits.
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