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Default Re: Stepson gets a Cranbrick for Christmas

Originally Posted by Sgt. Howard View Post
My 2010 Huffy has more than 1,000 miles hauling MY 200lb carcass hither and yon without failure... but then, it's outfitted with the HOWARD HUB MOUNT instead of the ragwort mount and sports several remarkably HOWARD modifications...
And again, my experience leads me to trust the Cranbrick.
the Old Sgt.
My very 1st build was a new cream colored 2009 Huffy Cranbrook with a 48cc Skyhawk. If memory serves I had to mount the sprocket up against the spokes without the outer rag and dished out to make it work.
I only had 50 miles on it before a guy made me an offer for it I couldn't refuse.

Over the next year of daily street riding he replaced all the expected stuff like tires, brakes, seat, pedal chain, all the cheap crap that cost more to replace again and again than the cost of the whole bike three fold, and then the downtube broke just above the motor mount to finally put it to rest.
The Skyhawk motor was still good as a side note however.

All my posts regarding starting with a good solid bike, good brakes, and motor that will last is geared to all the new daily rookie kids that think they can just slap together a complete motorized bicycle for under $300 with no experience and it will be an inexpensive, safe and reliable form of transportation or worse yet, a toy to play on.

I'm funny that way since knowing 1st hand this year how it feels when you can't stop in time or something breaks.

I salute you Sgt. Howard, you have engineering prowess and I have no doubts you could turn a sows ear of a bike into a silk purse of a machine, but I didn't know that when I gave you my standard warning about 'Cheap Bicycles, Just Say NO to motorizing them!' hehehe ;-}
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