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Default Re: coastal rust prevention

Yea... I can sympathize lol as I'm coastal, sometimes in the ocean depending on lunar tide/storm surge >.<

You've got the idea, wax or lube what ya can... other'n that the ocean really does win every time, covers don't do a lot of good TBH as they can't shield from the salty, moist air, but they do save ya from the seagull love *shrug* Washing it all the time is your best bet... but there is also this product;

CorrosionX Aviation, 16 oz. aerosol (80102)

Which, while a touch spendy is simply wonderful for protecting those hard to reach places, corners, inside of tubes, dissimilar metals or w/e else ya don't wanna or can't wax/lube. It's mostly used in aviation and it does work really well with only occasional retreatment, depending on conditions.

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