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Default coastal rust prevention

I live near the ocean. On the ocean to be more accurate as I work on a ship. I have a steel frame bicycle I've had only a few months and have had it outdoors since I've motorized it (Capt says I can't keep it inside 'cause of the gasoline), and I am concerned with keeping in rust free. Any suggestions besides the obvious of wax the stationary parts and lube the moving parts would be appreciated. I bought a cover for it, it was too cheap and already ripped, avoid the gray one on Ebay that is all over the listing for "Bike cover". I want also to tear down my engine and grease that, I know there is a thread here about doing that somewhere. This is just a general inquiry about the best rust preventative that is tried and true for those of you whom have successfully kept your bikes rust free for a longer period of time. Thanks.
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