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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I worked on my bike from 5 pm last night till 3am this morning and now its running great!!! I learned something today very important. I checked for spark a tousand times and even set my magneto so the spark is nice and blue. Had the carbs apart and everything then finally threw in a new carb....then it ran for a couple of minutes and then died!!!!
Then I realized that even though that there is good spark, when the engine is running and vibrating, it is causing a fault in the line to stop the spark!!!
So out comes the magneto again, this time I set a .0030 gap and then striped the lead down a ways, and attached a coil wire from a car to my magneto lead and it FIRED RIGHT UP AND RAN SUPER!!!! I could not belive it!!!! what a problem that was solved. Right now I still have to put all my stuff is Christmas morning. So Happy Holidays everyone!!! You dont have to get drunk.
Anyway, this morning I learned that even when there is good spark, THAT DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING WHEN THE MOTOR IS RUNNING, BECAUSE OF THE VIBRATION. The tinyest fault in the lead will cause a spark faliure as it is rapidly vibrating with a running motor......Later on today when I get up, I'm gonna throw my old carb back on and save this new one...HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVRYONE!!!!
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