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Default Re: very new to this motorbike thing with a few questions

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Yes, the nuts on both of my 48cc engines are a 10mm, the first is a grubee and the other is a BGF. I thought it would help identify his engine. If you look at his pics it looks like the head and intake and clutch lever nuts are the same, all on mine are 10mm.
I don't know, the 4 acorn nuts on top of that head look larger to me than what's on the intake/exhaust, hard to tell from a pic though.
Maybe this is a good way to tell 48cc from 66cc, cause all the 66cc motors I have seen have had much larger studs and nuts on the head than the intake/exhaust (13mm or 14mm vs 10mm). I am still having a hard time believing the head studs and the intake/exhaust studs are the same size on even a 48cc, but you've got the wrench there and the motor to fit it on so I guess I have to trust you on that one. You can trust that what I am saying about the 2010/2011 Grubee 66cc is correct, the head studs and nuts are larger than the intake/exhaust...
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