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The welding with the MIG I was reading today in an instruction guide on welding said that it is harder to see if the is all adhering the two metals because of the gun in the way. It mentions if you look from the side you could tell better. Also it mentioned putting a bright light to shine on the work.

I wondered if the light would interfere with the auto shade helmet I have, but am going to check on that.

I did TIG but I have never welded all that great anyway. When I ground the weld I saw if it was good and if not went at it again.

One thing I can tell you is that with TIG you have to keep grabbing more welding rod and be careful not to go too far with the short piece left as fingers get hot through the glove and you'll be throwing the gloves off as fast as you can. I cut a bunch of pieces a head of time so I would not be tempted to be too frugal.

The 130 MIG I have for both Gas and Flux I have not enough time to get you an idea how well it works for me, but I have heard others using the 110 V welders have homes that the lights flicker and sometime trip the house breaker. Even so they feel happy with the welder they have that is comparable to mine.

Also check on the welder forums for the manufacturers, that is what I did and so went ahead and got one.

I also wanted to mention that per the mfr of the welder I have is that you can do thicker metal weld but only with the flux for some reason. Otherwise with AR CO it is less.

Note: *** check ads that mention MIG Ready *** I found out ahead of time but was OK with the additional options to buy so that Inert Gas Capable not just Flux Wire Weld.

One thing I have now is an extra gas solenoid that was really all was installed in the welder for them to say MIG Ready. That part is cheap compared with regulator, gauges, and hose that was additional to get and also included the same gas solenoid I already had as part of the welder purchase.

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