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Talking Re: Unspoken rules?

depending on who you "talk" to on the 'net depends on what kind of answer you get. Pedals definitely seems to be something you got to have to be a bike, though there are learning/training bikes for kids without pedals.

Me, I think that you should have fun with your build- if that means taking them pedals off, fixing them in place or stuffing them someplace dark well, then- its your bike and your build.

I've got 3 builds going right now:
1 madwagon friction drive
1 black OCC chopper Schwinn getting a chinese 2 stroke it will have pedals
1 blue occ chopper getting a 49cc 4 stroke off a pocket bike with a 4 speed CVT no pedals. I'm registering it as a scooter- same regs in Mass as a motorized bike. I pay my $40 and I can ride it to my hearts content for 2 years.

Each is a bike to me, but then I have to finish the other two I'm too busy riding to get the others done! These things no matter what htey are- are the most fun you'll ever have on your bike.
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