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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Got the LA Cycles BigMo back together with the intent of selling it for Christmas. Should have done that sooner. When I got the BigMo the seat was broken but that was ok then. No seat stem. So I go to put the seat from the Dynacraft LTD anddd it doesn't fit, it's 2 seat stem sizes too small. I need a 31.1mm seat stem or 2 adapters to take it down ti 25.x mm. So that will have to wait until next payday.

After Christmas work commences on the LTD A lot on it also has to wait 'til payday. I need a new bandsaw blade for my Harbor Freight bandsaw. BiMetal blade for $10. Hope it lasts

Oh, yeah, my HP DC7700 just quit. No warning, just stopped. Tried everything but while the fans spin nothing boots up, nothing. I found a DC7700 mid tower instead of the DC7700 Low Profile. I can use full sized cards then instead of the limited Low Profile cards. Plus I just added 2 gigs of Crucial memory to the 2 that were in it, MSI GT 430 vid, Creative Extreme XT sound. Upgraded processor, too from 1.86 to 2.4 gig.

I'm on my brothers Pentium D slow POS. AH NEEDZ MAH NEW COMP11 ;p

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