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Default Re: very new to this motorbike thing with a few questions

Originally Posted by bro-die View Post
It running right and I ride it almost everyday. I also ride at night. I just want a little bit more speed and conquer that hill because if I do ill make it my dialy ride to work. hehe save some money on gas.
Don't get discouraged, I started out the summer at about 225LBS and my bike could pull me up a steep hill without pedaling. From a pedal start at the bottom of a hill the motor would get me up to about 20MPH going up the hill without pedaling. (this is a steep hill but not a suicide hill!) Average flat land high end speed is around 30MPH, but at times I had been getting more around 35MPH.
Just break in your motor and get on a regular mix, then tune the carb a bit and you should have what you are after...
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