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Default Re: very new to this motorbike thing with a few questions

Hey BD,
I'm trying to figger what u mean, 'died out on the hill'.

Mine barely makes it up some small rises, at little more than walking speed, but does plug right along. Sometimes I pedal a bit, but never very much.

You'll need to make a choice between going for top speed, or conquering that hill you spoke of. :-)

The option here is to get a shifter kit.
Most reports regarding them are good.

The button to push on the carby... it's only for bleeding air out of the input line... that is, if you DO have an NT... NT uses a choke for cold start enrichening.

Tell us more abt this hill, and more abt what 'die' means and details... :-)

...I got hills around here I just don't even attempt to conquer! lol


Merry Christmas to all !
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