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Default Re: A serious question. Don't laugh.

Does the factory have a testing lab? If so, find out how small a piece they would need to be able to test it. Many of us have junk parts left on the bench from various mishaps and breakdowns. (For instance, I have a jug that's cylinder has been gouged too deeply to rebore by a broken ring, no longer useful as anything but a pencil holder ...some pics here). Could be that all someone might need would be a small piece of a fin from somewhere low down on the jug to do what they do. If that's all they need, a few minutes with a hacksaw and a mailing address and I could have samples heading your way.

A problem that could come up though is consistency. I mean when they make a batch of parts, is the material going to be the same as a batch made 6 months before or 6 months after? For all we know the foundry may not have much quality control in that regard either. The QC certainly varies greatly in the rest of the motor and kit.


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