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Default Re: First Gen shift kits

No worries, I don't think the unreinforced first gen was around for long... mebbe it would be better called a prototype *shrug*

I unno if I'd go so far as to call it a "major" issue, I suspect the primary reasons for the one piece 3rd gen is simplicity & ease of installation/maintenance - but a bit of flex has been an ongoing problem with my 2nd gen with it's modded motor (assorted performance alterations), mileage, and ofc my habit of pounding on the thing

TBH, other than when I eventually snapped the small inner L bracket used to support the right side plate (originally aluminum, replaced w/steel) which allowed the side plates to spread enough to dump the shaft (exciting & a fun roadside repair lol) - the flex is minor enough that it usually only requires a periodic readjustment of the jackshaft, sprockets & lock rings' alignment... which while mildly annoying, wasn't quite enough for me to bother altering the shift kit's design... or I've too many projects... or I'm jus' lazy, take yer pick

It is an issue tho and I should prolly do something about it (mebbe bridge the rear of the plates), under hard acceleration you can see the plates spread a fraction & this over time is the only thing that has ever caused me to need to maintain or repair anything at all w/the kit - should I fix this issue, I should be free to ignore the thing save the occasional chain tension adjustment & shot of lube.

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