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Default Re: Handlebar grip / throttle questions

Originally Posted by jayson View Post
Can I change the grips on the standard throttle?
Absolutely! I replace both grips on EVERY build.
I absolutely CAN NOT STAND those hard plastic kit grips!
A box cutter or other razor blade knife works great, just slit it all way down, pop it off, and throw it in trash.
After saving 6 left side ones I throw the new ones in the trash too!

I replace them all with those BMX Form grips.
They come in a tall package usually with 4 long tubes, or two long ones and a matching pair of tapered short ones.
I get enough for 3 bikes minimum in any package for like $8-$10 at the bike store.

To put the new foam one over the throttle barrel soak the foam grip in some warm water, put a couple of drops of dish soap on the throttles plastic barrel, stand it up on the ground and 'massage' the foam grip down over it with both hands.
Leave ~1/4" free to the cable holder at the end of the plastic throttle grip so the cover/holder fit back on.

One other tip is put just a light coat of grease on your right handlebar and on both sides of the cable holder part before you slide the throttle barrel on and spin it around some for an even coat.
The goal here is a throttle that snaps right back to off when you let go of it when it's open to any speed.

That won't fix your oversized handlebar problem, but it certainly might help someone else looking at this 'Handlebar grip / throttle questions' topic ;-}
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