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Default Re: +7 mph by fixxing poor quality on 66cc

Disc brakes are the way to go. Like was said above, if you ride and compare to any other type of brake you'll never leave disc brakes. They're a world apart.

As for coaster brakes not for motorbikes: You're gonna get some arguments here from many who run them and swear by them. No, I wouldn't rely on them as my sole braking system but I wouldn't ride a bike without front brakes, preferably disc. But for the rear wheel, they'll perform
just fine.

I'm also confused by the claim that disc brakes are high maintenance. I just don't see that. If your exhaust is blowing on the rear rotor, or your chain is throwing lube on it, then you might have a problem. I'd suggest rerouting your muffler outlet and not over lubricating the chain if that's the problem. I have well over 1000 miles on a set of Avid disc brakes and I've not had to adjust the pad clearance but once. The pads are the originals.

That said, I will agree that if your riding surface is primarily dirt/sand/dust, then brakes, disc or otherwise will require more attention but that goes for the rest of the bike as well. Abrasive particles will wear things out quicker.
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