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Default Re: very new to this motorbike thing with a few questions

Originally Posted by bro-die View Post
Thats true. I can upload a pic as soon as i take one. I not satisfied on the frame its on. As for how heavy wow is it really needed? Well here it goes im close to abt 320lbs and ghats heavy. Ill post a pic as soon as i take it.
Some guys are 145lbs and would call me heavy at just over 200lbs. At over 300lbs you need to also consider the sturdiness of the bike, brakes, wheels and everything. After all, if you get the motor setup well enough to get you flying you need to be able to stop too, and also be sure that the bike frame and wheels can safely support the weight and speed you are going to ride...
On a side note, when I started out last summer I was about 225lbs, I lost 25lbs over the summer mainly from building and riding this bike. People like to call me lazy, having a motor on my bike, but you DO get good exercise even riding a bike with a motor. So dig in, build up and RIDE my friend, you may be surprised how much exercise you get in the process...

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