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Default Re: +7 mph by fixxing poor quality on 66cc

Smiles at RC ;-}
'And I'll voice my opinion again, since I've hopped up on the soapbox; a coaster brake has NO PLACE on a motor assisted bicycle !'

Well, a coaster brake does have one place, as a 3rd 'emergency brake' on top of your front and rear dual-pull brakes.
This is what I like to use as my baseline 'Good and Safe' build.

That particular build has added shocks with a V-brake in front and I added a side pull brake on back on top of the coaster brake so it stops in a hurry.

I also like to swap out the rear wheels 18 tooth sprocket for a 19T on bikes like this.
I have a pictorial of that and a little more pedal side stuff HERE.

This is mindlessly easy to do and like $10, but you get a double bonus with a 19T rear wheel coaster brake sprocket...

Not only does the reduced gear ratio make it possible to lay down a nice 'J' skid with just the coaster brake, it also makes it easier and faster to get your bike moving to 'bump start'.
Originally Posted by Motorbikermark View Post
I am currently running (just?) a coaster brake but only til I am able to weld on some brake bosses and change over to avid mechanical disc.
I am still up in the air on bicycle disc brakes...

They look cool and will stop you (in my tests) a tiny bit sooner, but for the hassle and cost to maintain even when the mount is already there, I really can't justify going out of my way to try to mod one in when there are other options that are much less expensive and far easier to maintain like V brakes, or even side pull rim brakes.

Front wheels are easy, they have a fixed mount point so it is just a matter of pulling the wheel and replacing disc pads, back wheels are another story if the bike doesn't have vertical dropout's but even then still a hassle.

All I really have to say about brakes, again, is don't skimp here!
If you can't bring your bike to a complete stop from YOUR top speed in about 25' or less you need to ride slower or get better brakes ;-}
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