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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Skarrd, got a question on your piston cutting...

Did you roll your engine over to TDC, scribe the piston through the open port, and trim a notch into it?

How are the results for you?
any difference in low/top end power?
Has it affected balance/vibration any?

Serious looking motorized bicycle u got there Scud!
it occurred to me that if you took 1 link out of the chain and re-positioned your tensioner, the chain run would be straighter and actually put less force on the tensioner, giving less possible force that could pull it into the spokes.
...'tis what I did on my own mab...

What happens is instead of the roller mounted up high, and the bracket farther to the rear, is, the roller is bolted low as it can go, and mounted to the chain stay farther forward. IMO, btr.

Of course, a sprung tensioner might be best.

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